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Question and Answers
This page contains answers to questions posed by Facebook users and those submitted through this website. This page contains answers to questions posed by Facebook users and those submitted through this website.
 Second Amendment Rights
All citizens have the right to bear arms for protection and hunting as provided for by the 2nd Amendment. Rather than creating further legislation to limit and control the rights of citizens in regards to firearms, the laws and regulations currently on the books should be enforced.

Hunting is important to the local economy since it adds tens of thousands of dollars to the coffers of area businesses and the state when individuals are spending on licensing fees, lodging, ammunition and related supplies, as well as processing and taxidermy fees.

As a citizen and future representative I understand that no amount of legislation will keep firearms out of the hands of criminals so attempting to further impede citizens rights is a futile effort therefore, I would propose as I stated prior to enforce the laws currently on the books rather than creating and enacting new legislation.  

I will NOT vote in favor of any legislation that will restrict the rights of gun owners in the 64th District.

No party may change the Constitution.  It may only be amended by a vote of two-thirds of both houses of the legislature, and later ratified by three-fourths of the state legislatures.
  Equal Rights
It is my belief that everyone has the right to marry regardless of sexual preference. However, I also feel that no minister, pastor, or priest should be required by law to perform such ceremonies. Likewise, businesses such as bakers, florists, caterers, etc. should not be forced by law to provide services to individuals who do not share their beliefs. If a florist does not want to provide services for a same sex wedding, then the couple should shop for another florist. There are plenty of businesses who will provide services equally to all thereby resulting in a win-win situation for all. So, I believe that the government should not force anyone to violate their beliefs.  I do not believe that anyone’s rights should be infringed by the government.  

I will not vote in favor of legislation that will infringe on any citizens rights. 
Despite having the most expensive health care system, the United States ranks last overall among 11 industrialized countries on measures of health system quality, efficiency, access to care, equity, and healthy lives, according to a new Commonwealth Fund report.  However, provisions in the Affordable Care Act that have already extended coverage to millions of people in the United States can improve the country’s standing in some areas—particularly access to affordable and timely primary care.  Healthcare for all citizens is important.  While many provisions of the Affordable Care Act are helping American CItizens, many more are not.  I would be in favor of a revision of the terms of the ACA to further improve the quality and affordablility of care.  

This is Federal Legislation, not Commonwealth of PA sponsored, and therefore cannot be amended by the PA House of Representatives or Senate.
 PSERS Pension Reform
According to reports by the Commonwealth Foundation, the Public School Employees Retirement System (PSERS) has a liablity of $55,921,489 while the House of Representatives’ liability checks in at  $243,175,969.  The PA Senate has a liability of $142,591,732, for a total legislative pension liablity of $385,767,701.  This total is almost 7 times the amount of the PSERS liability.  It seems to me that the Pension Reform that would save taxpayers the most money in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is Legislative Pension Reform, not taking money from retirees who give 35+ years of their lives educating the children of the Commonwealth.